How to force redonload of apps that are already installed but not working?

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When I open an app, a message comes up saying "Unable to Install 'App Name'" and then prompts to view in App Store or close the message.
This message doesn't happen with every device, however. My reasoning on this is because we ran out of licenses on those devices. However, we purchased these devices now, and they are still not working.

My question is, what do we need to do to make these apps work. What we have been doing is goin through each ipad individually and canceling the download. These seems ridiculous and there should be a way to re-download the app automatically without having to maunually cancel each and every download for the apps that aren't working.



Make sure they are up to date, I had a similar problem.

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Make sure the option to automatically force app updates is selected for each of your apps. Then if you need to push an update to a device you can just use the inventory update command for each device. Should help you out in the future.