how to generate software reports

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Our asset management dept is asking how to get reports of software installed on machines. I can output an applications list, but it's WAY too detailed, meaning minor versions are all listed separately per device which makes it way too complicated to sort through.

They want something like BigFix provides, though they weren't able to provide an example.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to export a list like that?


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you can use Api to get the list of Softwares installed on your device.

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I‘ve modified the script from @kendalljjohnson
It creates a nice, combined .csv.

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Are you able to execute code locally for this?

mdfind -0 -onlyin /Applications "kMDItemKind == Application" | xargs -0 mdls -name kMDItemDisplayName -name kMDItemVersion -name kMDItemPath

You can also call the mdmclient which also if I recall uses Spotlight meta data

sudo /usr/libexec/mdmclient QueryInstalledApps

Getting it out of jamf API might be a bit crunchy and taxing since it will have to hit every single device record endpoint. However, that is also an option. Running the Spotlight command and shipping the data somewhere is also an option.

I know this is an old post, but I am trying to get output similar to your first script using Jamf. Happen to know a way to do that?