How to Manage a Team using Final Cut Pro

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I have a team of people using Final Cut Pro. 

This team is very sensitive to updates to FCP and their tools (as it should be) so I need a way I can make FCP available to them in Self Service - and when they want/need to update they can in self service.

I am sure other admin face this. Anyone have a "recipe" I can follow?



I imagine if the organizations copies of final cut pro; were purchased via the VPP program;  they would then show up in the Mac Apps section of JAMF, from there, they can be scoped to devices; updates be scheduled for a certain time or be made available in self service for years to  install, even if they lack admin rights.

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Final Cut Pro updates can be important IMO to get the latest fixes and support for camera files. 


If you want to time these though, you could leave the default field blanks for your app policy, then run force update when your team is ready for updates. 


Make sure the team has backed up current projects before updating.

I recommend having them take snapshots of all projects onto an external flash drive.

Then test the snapshot. Once the test of the snapshot is successful. 

Then unplug that drive with the backup snapshot, and then update the FCP application. 


Hope that helps! 



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Thanks for the replies. My goal is to allow one person on the team update to there latest - test it with all their 3rd party tools. Then once the approve it , they can tell the rest of the team to go to self service and update...