How to Manually Wipe an iPad not on WiFi?

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Good Afternoon,

I have an iPad that's already been activated & is in my company's pre-stage enrollment, but the user forgot his passcode & is not currently on any WiFi. How can I manually wipe the iPad to get the user back into his assigned ipad?


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I recently had a similar issue. I put the iPad into recovery mode and connected it to iTunes to perform an update and restore on the device.

I've also used an Ethernet adapter for the iPads similar to this one to get network connectivity.

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When the main issue is to get the iPad on wireless, you can connect it to a Mac and share the Macs wireless connection. That way you should be able to intervene via the MDM.

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When all else fails, we run iPads through Apple Configurator 2 (...Electric Boogaloo).