How to perform OS upgrade for Remote Worker

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To preface; my JAMF servers are being built and are not in place yet.

I have a remote worker that is on 10.12.6 and the rest of our environment is on 10.13.6. I need to get the user updated to the current OS.

Can anyone offer how to trigger a download for High Sierra, remotely, if possible?

We are not yet ready to use Mojave in our environment.

As far as applying the upgrade, the user does not have admin rights.

Would there be any steps she would need admin rights for after the installer runs?

At a minimum I would like to trigger the download of high Sierra remotely, it would be much faster than trying to push through Apple Remote Desktop.


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You'd need to stage the "Install macOS High" on the mac first. Then you can use startosinstall over SSH:

sudo "/Applications/Install macOS High" --applicationpath "/Applications/Install macOS High" --agreetolicense --nointeraction