How to sync Cloud DP (JCDS) to On prem FSDP

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Hi All,

This doesn't seem to be a thing that I can find. I did find a python script someone wrote, but it appears to be broken with the current python-jss. I would like to have my on-prem devices pull from on-prem DP(s) since it's A. faster, and B. not a waste of commodity bandwidth. I'm thinking like, "imaging" a lab, etc.

Does anyone have a way they're doing this that they can actually share, or describe? Oh, and needs to be automated. I'm thinking like once an hour something syncs down stuff that's been uploaded.



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I'm in the same boat. I have a script that rsync's my primary on-prem distribution point to all my secondary distribution points. But if I'm uploading to the cloud there isn't an automated way I can find to synchronize that with the on-prem servers.

Is there a way to upload the files from my primary on-prem server to the cloud (that I can add to my shell script) or from the cloud to an on-prem server (where my shell script will pick up and redistribute to the remaining servers)?

Using the replicate feature in Jamf Admin is like stepping back 5 years in functionality for us (that's when we deployed Jamf and I setup that script).

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Everyone I've asked at Jamf says this isn't an option. I'd suggest making your Cloud DP your primary so you have the "Upload" via web functionality. But yeah, you have to manually sync.

From what I gather, Jamf has very few customers outside Education that have any interest in an "On-Prem" DP once they move to the cloud. Which, to me, seems ridiculous. But, I could see why it's a bigger thing in EDU. Imaging large groups of machines at once (labs, or employee machines all at once) is a very EDU thing. Just wish they'd give us an option.

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We are leverage Jamf Cloud for our environment, which is mixed between assets that have a constant high speed connect and intermittent high speed (Cruise ships). So we have DP's on each ship, so onboard devices hit the DP.

Before Jamf Cloud we had rsync from on master to our DPs automatically. We found out that it couldn't be done automatically AFTER we switched. I wish there was a process that we could leverage automatically.

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@ladygreyjedi that's awesome. And yeah, that seems like a perfect reason... can't imagine pulling CC 2020 over a Satellite uplink. lol.

There is a project,, which relies on JSSImporter, but I don't believe it works due to Jamf not having an API for uploading files to a JCDS.

But I'm seeing some traffic in the JSSImporter changelogs that may indicate it COULD work? Super unclear. I just don't get why this isn't a thing. You have an even better use case for why this should be a thing...

I could also imagine a DPOW (Distribution Point on Wheels) that was like a Raspi running Unbind/Pi-Hole, and a simple webserver that acted as a DP for "imaging" remote labs. Set them all to use some DP.local address, etc.

Come on Jamf. This shouldn't be that hard to provide a schedulable binary we could run on local DPs to suck down everything from our Cloud DP at regular intervals.


Hi, Quick question if I may.

We have our principal DP as on prem, with the cloud as failover/off site.

With everyone working remotely these days we are looking to swap it over to cloud as principal DP. Is it as simple as just ticking the Use as principal distribution point box in Jamf, do I then need to sync back the other direction?

I seem to remember just ticking that box before and it not working, so changed it back.

Many thanks