How to tell if a machine is enrolled in DEP (site access only)

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So we are a heavy Site shop with limited permissions, and therefore our technicians don't have access to see all machines in the JSS. Because of this there is no way for them to see what machines are in the Prestage Enrollment group for DEP without giving access to view all machines.

What we are trying to do is figure out a way for our technicians to see if a machine is enrolled in DEP or not. I was thinking maybe an extension attribute, but haven't been able to figure out a way from the client side to see if it is DEP enrolled.

Does anyone have thoughts on this, or come up with a workaround? Thanks!


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Are you trying to check if a device is ready to be enrolled in your JSS via DEP?

If you want to check after the fact, you will see Enrollment Method:PreStage enrollment, on the device's inventory page.

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So that will work, although we would need to create a smart group for every site. Ideally it would be more automated. Thanks!