HP Printer Drivers - Where to start?


So long story short- we have about 700+ printers across 25 sites.

In the olden days you could just get the base pack from Apple and then push out drivers as newer models came out.

Now what is the best way to ensure users have the most up to date drivers? I have Apple HP Drivers 5.1 which I think are legacy drivers that we push out to everyone. Now there is the HP Printer Essentials. Do you just push that out when ever a new pkg is released from HP? Does anyone know what the L and S in the Printer Essential drivers mean? Would I need to push out all of the Printer Essential packs to make sure all drivers are installed?


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Use HP Easy Admin:
Enter the model name of the printer into this tool, and it'll allow you to directly download the Printer Essentials package that contains the driver for the printer in question.