http download error 33?

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I have a policy that downloads (via http) and installs a .dmg that's failing on *some* users' machines with an error 33.

JAMF has no idea what this error code is (referred me to a Mac OS error code which would indicate disk full, which is unlikely as these are mostly new machines with relatively empty hard drives). They also suggested resetting permissions on the share, but I'd think this would be an "it either works or it doesn't" issue.

It works on some machines but not others. I can manually download the .dmg from the CasperShare and mount it fine. Since the JSS is Internet-facing, and only http and 8443 are exposed to the outside world, can't use afp/smb.

Any thoughts? Going to re-upload the .dmg later tonight via Casper Admin...



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Hi Robert,

Did you find a cause for this? We've started to see the same problems with polices which previously worked fine onver HTTP and are now failing.