I am unable to uncheck the Connected servers box in Finder Preferences.

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I was setting up some managed preferences and I created one under com.apple.finder Mount Servers On Desktop and set the value to true. I applied the setting to system level enforced . shortly after we got this popup on our computers.

Connect drives is trying to send restricted scripting addition commands to other applications. Type you password to allow this.


Connect Drives is a simple applescript that we run to mount our shares. We are on OS X 10.7.4 These are the steps I’ve taken:
Turned enabled to False deleted the managed preference
created a managed preference to not show connected servers
unmanaged the computers
deleted the finder plist
edited the finder Plist
removed the script from the computers


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Hi Larry,

Though I am not sure of the impact the Applescript is having in this situation I wanted to post these commands as they have been helpful in troubleshooting MCX for us.


Applying managed preferences with jamf binary:

sudo jamf mcx
sudo jamf mcx –username <username>

Reading managed preferences:

mcxquery -user <username>
mcxquery –computerOnly
dscl . -mcxread /Users/<username>
dscl . -mcxread /Computers/localhost

Removing managed preferences:

sudo dscl . -mcxdelete /Users/<username>
sudo dscl . -mcxdelete /Computers/localhost
rm –rf /Library/Managed Preferences/

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eleven I tried doing this and it was unsuccessful. If you can think of anything else please let me know.

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Mr. Hunt, can you provide the contents of the script in question? Is authentication required to access the shares? If so, are the credentials stored in the user's keychain?


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Jamie the apple script I'm using is very simple example for now:

tell application "Finder" to mount volume "smb://share-fs1.domain.net/smith$"

would be the line to mount smiths network home folder. Jamie if you are looking for an automated script along with a launch agent I would highly recommend Ben Toms applescript from his website.


I am about to roll this out.