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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Lockscreen message on Shared Ipad

Correct me if I wrong but it seems that it's not possible to have webbclips on shared Ipads. Beside that it seems that users have to be logged out if some configuration have to be applied - otherwise is shows that Ipad is bussy.  View more

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Extension Attribute mobile devices

We have the need to bulk create 1000 plus extension attribute options in a specific attribute. We are using the dropdown menu option to select our locations. Is there a mass import option to get the data into the database?  View more

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ESET Settings push out

Hi All, I need to deploy ESET to replace SCEP, I have the installer already to go, But I wont to change how its configured after the install, as I don't want it to alert for OS upgrades, ect.... I know I can export the settings from a configured agen...  View more

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New to JAMF

We have been using MAAS 360 to manage our school districts ipads for the last 6 or 7 years and my manager informed me that we will be switching over to JAMF this summer. Can anybody point me to a manual or have directions on how to setup our ipads wi...  View more

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MacOS Patch Management Combo Update fails

Started working on getting patch management setup for our environment and starting getting the incremental/combo updates loaded and auto-installed. I've loaded the MacOS 10.14.3.pkg into the patch policy and its scoped to a machine running 10.14.2. W...  View more

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Unable to upload to Jamf Admin

Hi All, I'm trying to upload a packaged Mojave installer and receiving the below error. Smaller packages upload fine - there's nothing in the logs to suggest the connection is timing out either so I'm not entirely sure how to troubleshoot this. Also ...  View more

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LDAP Server Test not Pulling any Results

I am preparing for my on-boarding next week by configuring JIM so that our cloud-hosted Jamf pro server can query our on-premises Active Directory directory. Everything is set up with DNS records, forwarding etc- the JIM server is checking in to the ...  View more

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Secure workspace with Jamf

We currently use MobileIron for IOS management. Looking to start using Jamf to manage a small fleet of iPads. Is it possible to do the "Secure workspace" feature that MobileIron offer with Jamfhttps://www.mobileiron.com/en/endpoint-security/secure-wo...  View more

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Sibelius Missing Fonts

Dear JAMF Nation,I have captured a Sibelius 2018 June package using JAMF Composer and grabbed a Normal snapshot. The software ran fine on my reference computer. After the package is created, I saved it as a DMG file and uploaded to JAMF for depolymen...  View more

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prestage enrollment and authenticating user names

I recently started playing with DEP and prestage enrollment and was wondering whether or not what I am seeing is normal (Jamf Pro 10.9.0). If I manually enroll a Mac via jss.company.com/enroll, the Mac is assigned to the authenticating user regardles...  View more

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Recommended start size of database for 300 users

I'm just starting on my setup prior to installation. We have the Windows Server VM ready to go. The environment requires that databases be run off of Linux - regardless - that system is built as well. My database administrator is looking for a sugges...  View more

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Wipe and Lock Computer

Hi, we need to wipe and lock a stolen computer from the company, but i see that the command is pending. I want to know if there ir a way to do this, despite of the computer wont be in the company's network?  View more

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Whitelist MacOS updates

Hi everybody, the past showed that a very high amount of (Security-) Updates needs to be blocked as there are side effects, bugs etc. Currently I only know a way to block specific updates, which is a problem in reality as some users are really fast o...  View more

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Business manager Apple - more MDM´s server

We have Apple business account (business.apple.com) and we have our company apple id. We however, have two MDM´s - one for Phones (intune) and one for Mac(Jamf) When I buy a Mac from our supplier it connect it to the wrong MDM. Is there anyway to set...  View more

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Timed Application Restrictions

Is it possible to restrict applications for a period of time ? Ideally we could prevent iMessages from working from 8am until 2:30pm. Is there a script that can block an app then allow the app based on time ? Thanks Carl CampionArchmere Academy  View more

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Anyone using Msupdatehelper 2019 ?

I before used msupdatehelper in 2016, but now in 2019 it seems to be broken(even I changed the identiiers to 2019 in the script) ?When fx trying to upgrade a old 2016 version like 15.39 and running MAU 4.8 and doing a msupdate -i the latest 16.22 upd...  View more

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vpp redownload call timed out <mdmclienterror:72>

Hi, I am seeing a lot of our systems having the "vpp redownload call timed out " error when cliets try to install VPP apps via Self Service on MacOS (most clients are 10.14.2). I have tried clearing the failed commands, reconning, re-enrolling etc wi...  View more

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API to PUT Scope

The API documentation is not very clear on this. When using the API to PUT (using XML) the scope of a Mobile Device Application, do you need to put the entire scope or only the addition? for example: The scope of an mobile device application has 3 gr...  View more

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Web clips multiple sessions

Howdy! Is there a way to stop a Pushed web Clip from creating new Safari Tab's on launch? As i'm currently seeing users not correctly closing down these sessions and having 20+ on the go.  View more

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New installer.exe Malware blocking?!

With this new installer.exe has anyone come up with a good way to block it? At first, I was blocking the installer but now its got so many names I'm trying to come up with something better. Has anyone tackled this yet? https://blog.trendmicro.com/tre...  View more

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