I'm trying to find if a app exists that will help me erase a IOS device

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I'm looking for an iOS app when opened it will talk to your JAMF instance and send a remote wipe command and erase the device. Something as simple as when you open it, it says are you sure you want to erase this device, and you select yes.

It would be really nice if it could remove any activation lock before erasing. Does anyone know if something like this exists? I want to hand out iPads to people and want a quick and easy way to erase them when they get back, as well the person erase them. Then of course we could reconfigure it via DEP and push the app right back on. I know they can do this in settings, but I'm looking for something more obvious. Any ideas?


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The easiest way to do this would be to send the remote wipe command from your JSS or have the user go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and Settings. I'm not even sure Apple's SDK will allow you to create an app that will allow a device to be wiped and remove activation lock only MDM's.

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There is no app to do this currently.

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Here's a project someone posted a while ago. It's a webpage you host that allows a user to tap a webclip, when then runs a script on that server making the API call to update the inventory for that device.


With a little know-how you could turn it into a reset button. Keep in mind that, at least since I last checked, the erase command from the API doesn't include a clear activation lock.

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Thanks I know you can do this via the Settings . I also know you can send a Remote wipe command via JAMF . So I don’t think it would be that difficult to have an app know what device you’re on (serial or UUID) and once opened make an API call to remove activation lock and send a remote wipe command. Or at the very least the remote wipe.

I was just hoping someone had done this. Like a “self heal”app. I could see it being in some environments.