iBeacon with Self Service

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Has anyone had any luck scoping Self Service policies with iBeacon Limitations? I have been able to trigger a policy with the beacon, however when I make it self service the policy does not appear when the Mac is in range of the beacon. I have refreshed Self Service and can confirm with a sniffer its seeing the iBeacon, no luck.


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New Contributor II

Hi jtratta,

The Administrator's Guide states the following about iBeacons:

??"You can use iBeacon regions as the basis for the following:

The scope of a configuration profile

The scope of a policy (This initiates the policy the first time that a computer checks in to the JSS while in the specified region.)

A custom trigger for a policy (The event name for initiating a policy when an iBeacon region change occurs is “beaconStateChange”. This initiates the policy immediately when a computer enters the specified region.)"

I do not believe current functionality is meant to use iBeacon limitations as a Self Service workflow.

Is there a specific workflow you are trying to achieve?