Iceberg 1.3.0 has been released

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If anyone uses Iceberg for packages. Download and release notes available here.


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Interesting. I thought Iceberg was replaced by Packages. So what's the difference?

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Looks to me like the developer is just keeping it alive. The release was just to make it work under 10.11, not much more. Packages is the newer application from the developer, and is going to have more features.

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agree with mm22770
The main difference is that iceberg creates bundle based packages ONLY, these cannot be signed, and my have some problems in recent automated workflows (see CreateOSXInstall readme for this quote:)

Further note on additional packages and Yosemite Apple has made an undocumented change in Yosemite that affects this tool. If you add any additional packages for installation as part of the OS install/upgrade, they must all be distribution style packages; ---not component packages.

Packages is the newer cousin of Iceberg, and creates flat file packages (raw or distribution style), which can be signed and are more future proof (I foresee that Apple will deprecate bundle based packages some day)

If you are new to both products, I would recommend to use Packages since it has more future.