If a user does proximity setup do Self Service apps get reinstalled automatically?

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High level staff member is getting a new iPhone, existing iPhone is JAMF managed, we have a mix of In-House and VPP Apps deployed to this device automatically and by Self Service.

So... When a new device is restored from a back up (iTunes/Configurator/Proximity/iCloud) do VPP apps the user installed from Self Service get automatically reinstalled?

As I understand it iTunes/iCloud backups don't store the App, just that the App was installed and any App Data that is not synced to iCloud and during the restore process they grab the App bundle and reinstall the current release that is appropriate for the device and OS version.

Does this also apply to Self Service and Proximity Setup?


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In theory it should provided the device is properly managed and enrolled via DEP, once it checks in it should do all the policies like a normal device would.

If you've got a spare device lying around, it would be a good idea to test it!

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It took a while to get the testing done but I've found proximity set up simply doesn't work (let alone restore Apps Installed by Self-Service).

For an iCloud restore, In scope Auto-Install apps get re-installed but self selected Apps/Profiles from Self Service do not

If we didn't already have loads of user with personal Apple IDs setup with domain emails I'd turn that on federation for the 200GB iCloud storage.

Next step is to see what happens with iTunes and Configurator Backup/Restore process