If an app for iPads has an official name change, does that change propagate to JAMF Pro?

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Does JAMF Pro automatically update an app's official name if the app's creators rename the app on the App Store? Or does it keep whatever name it originally used when you added it to JAMF, before the app's name changed?

Long version:
A few months ago our school district bought a bunch of Swivl devices, which all need the Swivl app to function. The app used to be called "Swivl" and had a nice icon with an S on it. Easy to find in Self Service, and the name and icon both makes sense.

I noticed today that the "Swivl" app is now called "Teams by Swivl" and shows up as "Teams" on an iPad when installed...which isn't confusing at all, in school districts that use Microsoft Teams, but that's another discussion. Oh and the logo changed from the S to some amorphous blobs. Because of...reasons...I guess?

Anyway, when I look at the app in our JAMF Pro instance, it is still named "Swivl". I'm assuming this is a holdover from the app's original name when we grabbed our licenses for it and set it up in JAMF awhile ago. While we can change that display name, I'm curious if JAMF is supposed to automatically rename an app if the app's official name changes.

Note: For comparison, we also have a small Mosyle instance that I just looked at. It also originally had "Swivl" as the app name, and it looks like Mosyle automatically renamed the Swivl app to "Teams by Swivl" as shown in the App Store.


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@charleshf I've seen it all over the place. App icons, App Store url's, App names all different in the catalog than the App Store. I'm spit balling here but it seems like aside from the version number everything else is a just a static entry in the database.

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In my experience, if the name of an app changes in the App Store, then that app gets ADDED in Mobile Device Apps in Jamf with the new name, but the app still installs under the previous name with the updated version info. In order to adjust it, I've had to scope the new app to the same groups and enable the licenses, then unscope the old app from the groups and delete it. App doesn't change on the device, because it is the same app id.

It would be nice if the app name was updated in Jamf, along with the version info.