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Any one dealing with GMetrix plugins for Adobe and non-admin users? Currently, installing GMetrix plugins requires admin rights on the computer and GMetrix states that they do not have an IT package available that installs all of the required compone...
Is there a configuration profile in Jamf Pro for configuring eSIM server URL? When I looked at the cellular configuration settings, the eSIM portion is missing. We are looking at configuring our devices so that they get the configuration as soon as t...
Has anyone worked out a good solution for this error after HP's certificate snafu last week? I've been trying to reinstall printer drivers, but that hasn't worked for everyone.
I’m trying to enable lost mode and play sound on a group of iPads. I’ve found a way to enable lost mode, but I can’t figure out how to also send play sound command. xmlData=" EnableLostMode $lostModeMsg $lostModePhone $i See here for full scri...
Is there a way to remove web clips that have been created by users via an mdm command/profile? My issue is we have locked our student iPads so that they cannot remove apps from their devices, primarily so that they can't delete our filtering app. How...
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