Ilantus Password Reset Link for Login Screen

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Hi Everyone,

Looking for anyone who has information on installing Ilantus' password reset tool called Gina (or Compact_Identity_Setup.pkg).

Currently Composer cannot make a package due to the manual install editing the system.login.console

After speaking to ilantus they advised that their installer simply creates a backup copy of system.login.console, creates an updated version in which the line:
is changed to
The installer then grabs the updated version and replaces it in the system. Then it deploys CompactIdentityLogin.bundle to /Library/SecurityAgentPlugins

I have verified that my script completes all of these actions successfully, however when I click Lock>Switch User the login screen fails to come up and states:

Unrecoverable error.
SecurityAgent was unable to create requested mechanism CompactIdentityLogin:invoke

If anyone has information that could help, I would appreciate it, I have had to rebuild my mac about 10 times this week, and I'd just like this side venture to be complete.

Below is my script with my overzealous notes since I am still very new to scripting.

#  Install

#  Compact Identity Setup

##prior to running this script, ensure that the CompactIdentityLogin.bundle file has been copied to /Users/Shared/ using the corresponding JAMF job.

security authorizationdb read system.login.console >> /Users/Shared/original.txt

##creates abackup of original system.login.console file

security authorizationdb read system.login.console >> /Users/Shared/updated.txt

##creates the file to save changes to and overwrite system.login.console

 perl -pi -w -e 's/loginwindow:login/CompactIdentityLogin:invoke/g;' /Users/Shared/updated.txt

 ##find and replace the loginwindow:login line with compactidentitylogin:invoke line

cp -R /Users/Shared/CompactIdentityLogin.bundle /Library/Security/SecurityAgentPlugins/CompactIdentityLogin.bundle

##copies the generic bundle from the shared users folder, to the correct install path


security authorizationdb write system.login.console < "$ORIGINAL"

## updates the system.login.console with the new file we created and edited