Imaging Problem

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I have been imaging my machines for almost a year now by just dropping the InstallDMG file into Casper Admin, then one day about 2 weeks ago it just stopped working, nothing changed. The load starts and then after about 30 seconds it skips to the end of the OS install and moves on. I have been killing myself trying to figure this out and cannot, any help would be great.


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See this:

Basically, Apple's certificate used to verify their packages expired around the end of last month, and you will need to download a new copy from the Mac App Store, extract the InstallESD.dmg and drop that back into your imaging workflow, replacing whatever you had there. Alternatively, you could run the scripts listed in the post above to fix the existing package.

BTW, the same is true if you happen to have an internal Apple Software Update server serving out updates to clients. The packages need to be fixed or re-downloaded.

Hope that helps.

Edit: OK, I may have read your post too quickly. By "Install DMG" did you mean a DMG made from an installer disk? If so, it could the same issue, but in that case you can't grab a copy from the Mac App Store since that will only be Lion. You'll have to work through the tools created by Greg Neagle (see link above) and see if you can fix your installer package.