Imaging sometimes skips over the OS block copy


Yes, we still use imaging for Macs in some scenarios. That's the way it is.
When trying an image, sometimes the block copy works, and sometimes it does not (no apparent error - just skips right past it).

Does anyone else experience this issue?

Imaging, in general, seems pretty flaky. I know that's just another reason to dump it, but not happening yet.


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Are there any distribution points in play? If a local distribution point does not have the package, it will not be able to find the package to install and it will skip over it.

Anything in the imaging logs? That might help point you in the right direction.


We have a single DP that has no issues.
Nothing in the imaging logs.

I think the issue is happening when the "Erase Disk" option is selected, but doesn't actually work correctly (sometimes, or always, this is skipped too).

I think this issue is compounded when imaging "fails" (post-image jamfhelper process doesn't run) and you have to kick off imaging a second time. It's like the configuration thinks it's already run through, even though it's being asked to run again. Found a flaw in a script breaking post-image issues, so hopefully we won't run into this situation where we have to attempt a 2nd image.