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I have a timing question....
I am going to be imaging teacher laptops - I can wipe them clean and have
created all my packages to reinstall. When I image one - or two - or even three at a time it takes about 20
minutes start to finish - for the image process
But today I am pushing out one package (that is included in my
configuration for teacher machines) to a group of 26 laptops. It has been working for over an hour - is this difference in time normal? I am using Casper Remote to push out the one package- is this a mistake - should I be doing it a different way??? When I image I netboot each
machine - is it better to set up auto run data to just include the single
package and then netboot - does that work?

Is it simply that I am working with a larger number of machines 3 vs 26
Or is it quicker to do a clean install - block copy?

I am just trying to plan accordingly to deploy the image to groups of
teachers - and I'm trying to determine how many I can do at one time - so I know how
to schedule my teachers

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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What hardware is hosting your image files? Is it an Xserve? Or is it
something else you are netbooting into?

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