Imaging with 10.3.0+


Hi there,

is anyone else experiencing Imaging issues with atleast 10.3.0 installed?
Jamf seems has opened a PI for it, but it's not showing up in the Release Notes/Known Issues nor do they have a working workaround (in my case).

The Workaround which is said to work with other customers is
"Remove the configuration and specify desired settings manually. Will also need to add a quickadd to the imaging workflow as, without a configuration, the management account and postinstall script to enroll will not be pushed down."
Actually this doesnt work. Configured everything manually on a completely new PreStage Imaging Object, scoped to a Serialnumber. Won't work.

Diving deep into the stuff jamf Imaging does I found out, it just doesnt get back Infos for PreStage Imaging Objects which were created (AFTER!!!! 10.3.0)

$ curl -d "source=casper&version=10.4.1-t1525267633&reportedIP="
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><jamfServlet server="10.4.1-t1525267633" version="10.4.1-t1525267633">
<response>No autorun data</response>

While Autorun Data (and older PreStage Imaging, you may not touch that) will work

$ curl -d "source=casper&version=10.4.1-t1525267633&reportedIP=" https://jss.xxxx:8443/casperAutorun.jxml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><jamfServlet server="10.4.1-t1525267633" version="10.4.1-t1525267633"><institution>Leibniz Rechenzentrum</institution><epoch>1528111551</epoch><jss_url>https://jss.xxxx:8443/</jss_url>
<autorun_id>162</autorun_id><target_drive>Macintosh HD</target_drive><format_drive>Yes</format_drive><local_username>root</local_username><local_password/><reboot>Yes</reboot><cache>No</cache><autorun>Yes</autorun>
[...... truncated ......]

The jamf support guy who is answering the ticket doesn't seem to read my answers (-> workaround is suggested 3 times in a row without reading the "it doesn't work, escalate it please"), so maybe here is somebody who can help me?

Any suggestions? Any other Customers who face the same issue? Maybe somebody from jamf who can help me?

Best Regards,