Imaging with NeoOffice Patches

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If you are familiar with NeoOffice you know that they release patches often. They come in a nice PKG format that are easy to deploy with ARD or policies.

Here my problem: I can't seem to get the patches to install correctly while the computer is imaging. I have it setup to first install a NeoOffice 2.2.5 Patch 0 DMG Package that I created with Composer. Then it installs the Patch 6 that I downloaded right from the NeoOffice website. After the computer reboots, I log in, launch NeoOffice and it comes up as Patch 0. The Patch 6 never installs correctly, but there are no errors.

The Patch 6 does install correctly if I set it up to install upon login, as a policy.

Has anyone come across this problem?

Brad Rellinger
Technology Specialist
Anthony Wayne Schools K-12
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