Important BugFix in ruby-jss v0.10.2 & v0.11.0a6 available for testing

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Hello Everyone,

A nasty bug was discovered in versions 0.10.0 and 0.10.1 of ruby-jss:

When saving changes to a fetched JSS::Computer, JSS::MobileDevice, or JSS::User,
and those changes do NOT include any changed Extension Attribute values, all
extension attribute values are erased in the JSS.

This bug is fixed in version 0.10.2, just released on

To get the fix please use gem update ruby-jss

Also, the pre-release of version 0.11.0 (a6) is available for testing.

To get that version use gem install ruby-jss --pre. To see the many changes
in that version, see

Note that some changes in 0.11.0 may not be backward compatible.

If you have questions, or would like details about the bug & the fix, please let
me know, or email

Thanks, & apologies for not catching this in our own testing.