In house app doesn’t remove by smart group exclusion

New Contributor

I have an in house app for tvos, which I uploaded to an AWS server, and I put the public url in the Jamf Pro app distribution. I put some smargroups in the scope, and I put a smartgroup in the distribution exclusions. When a device enrolls to a smartgroup in the scope, the app is installed, but when the same device enrolls to the smartgroup that is excluded, Jamf Pro does NOT send the command to remove the app. Something curious that I have observed is that when the device is in the exclusions smartgroup and I enter the distribution configuration of the app, I press the "edit" button, then I press the "save" button, WITHOUT HAVING MADE ANY CHANGE IN THE CONFIGURATION, then, Jamf Pro sends the command to remove the app. I find it incredible that I could not find a publication documenting this behavior, has anyone been able to find a solution in this regard?