In-house app unable to install due to integrity

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We developped an iOS app in XCode.  So far, no problem.  We've been testing the app on 3 iPads, distributed automatically through a Jamf Pro profile.  When updating the .ipa file in Jamf, we see the update going to all 3 iPads.  Seeing everything is in order, we unboxed 15 new iPads, all from the same manufactured batch, same models, running the same version of iOS, deployed the exact same way as the test iPads but for some reason, the app being pushed to these devices have that little cloud icon, and when trying to launch them, we get the unable to verify integrity message.  We wiped clean 2 of the original test iPads, ran throught the same process and for a reason beyond my comprehension, the app deploys perfectly.

We are running out of ideas.  I went through many posts here and nothing seems to do it.  Any thoughts?