Informational enterprise videos challange

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Requirements :
1. Push 4 videos to the local system (evidently to much bandwidth to point to a repository)
2. Schedule one of the videos to play Monday morning at log-in or check-in
3. Each video can play only once, for a total of 4 weeks of Monday morning propaganda

Other than getting the videos on the machine, I have no idea what the rest of the workflow looks like.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated


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You could use a script to open the said propaganda (i'm assuming Quicktime Player)

The script can be run using launchd at the set time or have a Jamf policy set to send the command to open the video

After the 4 weeks run another Jamf policy to remove the lot and free your users to get some work done.

That said, you'd need to also run a script to quit QT player or whatever after the video has run so you'd maybe need to look at video length and work around that..

But the whole thing seems like a massive pain, if it was me i'd just say too much dev time and can you not just compress the videos to take up less bandwidth.