Hi Everyone

I'm looking ideas solutions people have configure in their work environments to improve the use of Jamf and made life easier for yourselves and end users.

I was hoping you could enlighten me :)


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That is a pretty tall order and it really depends on your environment and culture. What works great in one place may fail miserably in another. For me big things are VPP, Self-Service, DEP, and some form of on boarding/user experience workflow. Look into Depnotify, SplashBuddy, DEP-Enrolment or many other DEP user experience tools. Use Self-Service to give your users the feeling of ownership and let them solve some of their own problems. I have also built a set of tools that are available in Self-Service for our techs.

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Self Service and more Self Service.
It's by far the easiest way to make JAMF visible and get buy in from users, especially when you start pushing VPP apps out with it, it takes a fair amount of work to get enough content in there to attract users attention but once you do you can start using it for all kinds of things.
What is most useful will vary from environment to environment, for example an AD bound environment will have different requirements from a none AD one, how heavy do you want you management/compliance to be is another big consideration.

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Hands down, no question: Self Serve OS Upgrades.

With 1800 machines across the globe, doing major version upgrades use to be an expensive (IT labor) time consuming chore that had left us with an OS distribution of N-5! That was a mountain of nightmares in terms of patch management, security compliance, software compatibility, user experience, etc, etc.

We're now at N-2 (90%); and everything is an order of magnitude easier to manage, and the users have (mostly) stopped crying that their 3 year old home Mac is more up to date.


I've been trying to put as much as possible into Selfservice, so to let end users manage themselves. I do like the Patch Management in Jamf Pro and hoping they add more compatiable apps, as we only been able to take advantage of Firefox,Chrome,MS office at the moment

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I would agree that Self Service is the easiest way to get JAMF out there and in my experience the end user loves it.

Live by the mantra "If I have to do it once I never want to have to do it again"