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I am brand new to JAMF, and need a little help understanding some things. I created a policy to install Adobe Flash Player on my test OS X machine. I created the dmg using Composer and uploaded to JSS using Admin. I scoped the policy out, and set the trigger to recurring check-in. But it won't push out to the specified device. The log indicates the status as pending. What did I do wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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First, try running "sudo jamf policy" command to see if you can try to force the policy to run on your terms.

If nothing happens, go to JSS and double check the policy.
1. Make sure the policy is enabled in the General settings. 2. You have the package added to the policy and set the action to Install.
3. Make sure your scope is correct. No limitation or exclusion set since this is testing.

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I haven't had to package Flash as a DMG before so there's a chance something else might go wrong once you get the policy to run. You can download the Adobe .pkg file from here: The .pkg can be dropped straight into Casper Admin and deployed without any further modifications.

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@dcsomerJAMF as @davidacland pointed out above, you just need to drop the PKG file that comes from Adobe (usually delivered via a DMG) into Casper and then deploy that way. I have a write up on my method of deployment, including a Smart Group to determine which machines are out of date:

Upgrading Adobe Flash Player