Install Microsoft Office 2019 w/Install Status GUI

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I'm looking to deploy Office 2019 via script "installer -pkg "office.pkg" -target /" but I'd like to have the same installation status GUI appear that you would get as if you launched the installer manually by double clicking on it. The application does take some time to install so having visual feedback of the process would help users know that its still doing something and a good estimation of how much time is left.

In the windows world, this is pretty simple, its just a command line switch for msiexec.exe, or in the Office install .xml you specify what level of visibility you want to have with the installation. Not sure if such a thing exists on the mac side so wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

I don't want the users to be able to do any input or cancel the installation, just to have the installation launch with the standard Office progress screen showing.



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I would probably use Self Service to give the user some feedback.

They can cancel the policy, but engineering a read-only version of this would be a lot of manual, custom work.

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@davidacland I can sympathize with @mpi the Office install is getting bigger and bigger with each update. Unfortunately Self Service only displays a progress circle that stays at 25% for 5-10 minutes while saying "executing" or "installing". 5 minutes without any indication of activity at all is painful. I've looked into doing something with various utilities out there to put a GUI on these extremely large installs and the best I could come up with was doing the install command wrapped up in a Platypus shell, but even that was awkward. I gave up on it a long time ago. I really wish Self Service could display the installer log (same as pressing Command-L during the GUI as at least something the users can look at.