Installation failed. The package could not be verified


So, having fun with Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App installer. With no changes to configuration, we are now getting this error consistently. I have created a new package installer via Adobe Admin and uploaded it via JAMF Admin.

JAMF version 10.17.1. Installing via DEP or /enroll. End OS 10.15.

FWIW: Also getting errors downloading packages via curl. Only in those cases, the download is always incomplete. Trying to download Office, but the install runs/fails before the download is complete.

All other policies are working as expected/configured.


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Seeing the same here too. Looks like only on Adobe and Microsoft Office packages right now as well. We did have some changes in my environment - I updated ngnix from 1.17.6_0 to 1.17.8_0 on our distribution points as part of our normal patching, and we just updated to Jamf Pro 10.18.0 on our application server.

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I was able to download the packages from my distribution points with the direct URL using Chrome on the systems in question. However, now I'm seeing the XProtectService take a very long time scanning the Adobe package (it's in a "verifying" state in the Finder) when I attempted to open the package to install it manually.

Could be a combination of things going on...

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Seeing the same issue on Jamf Pro 10.18 when attempting to install a Microsoft Word package.

Edit: It worked after flushing the error and running jamf policy. Maybe it was an unstable network connection.