Installed Applications

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When a machine auto checks into the JSS does it auto-remove and add applications it has installed?

For some context, we currently have a smart computer group set up to look at what users have Adobe Illustrator 2020 installed as we want to remove it from the user's machine. Every machine we have removed the software from the report doesn't update that they have had it removed.

If I go computers > search the machine > applications - it still shows it's installed. I run a report from ARD on the machine the software does not show - This is correct as its no longer installed.

The folder path JAMF labels for the application no longer exist on the machine so a little confused.

Running 10.15.1 JAMF and the machines in question go from 10.14 - 10.15

Any ideas?


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@jkrglobal You need to include a Maintenance payload with Update Inventory enabled in your Policy that does the removal otherwise Jamf Pro won't notice you've removed Illustrator until something else triggers an Inventory Update