Installing Adobe CS 6 pkg created with AAMEE

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I finally got around to building a CS 6 package with AAMEE 3.1. Initially, I was impressed. Awesome! A native .pkg installer with VLA number baked in that I can slipstream right into my imaging environment. Great!

I even copied the installer to the Desktop of a machine and it installed perfectly. Even better!

Then I added the .pkg to Casper Admin, assigned to my test configuration and imaged. Bleh. Casper Imaging skipped the CS 6 installer. What gives? Oh yeah, I have to check the "this package must be installed at boot volume upon first restart."

Okay, so I've done that, and Casper Imaging put the CS 6.pkg at the end of my config to be executed upon first boot up. Machine images. Machine reboots. Local temporary Adobe account is created and logged in. Casper Imaging background comes up with message about it finishing the software install. Excellent!

Then, I look over at the machine and it's exited the "Finishing Installation" screen and I'm left in the temporary Adobe account's desktop. The software did not install. Weird.

I reboot. The first-run script fires off again and this time the Adobe CS 6 installer completes its installation, the machine reboots, the Adobe Temp Install account is deleted, and CS 6 has been successfully installed.

What gives? I'm going to try again on another machine in case this was an anomaly. Any idea why there seemed to be a crash of the installer and a 2nd reboot was required to finish (or run again) the Adobe CS 6 installer?


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Have you checked to see if this applies to you?

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Nope, doesn't apply. We're using AFP and HTTP for sharepoint distribution points.

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@damienbarrett Check the byte-size of your AAMEE generated PKG, if it's off by one byte or more, upload again. We cache the PKG and then trigger it to run.


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You have found out that installing CS6 is not plug and play just yet.
I had to download the package in the background, then I could run the script to install the package.