Installing Sierra 10.12.6 and High Sierra 13.6.02Upgrades remotely and simply

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After looking for a method across all the JAMF discussions to install the latest macOSX 12 & 13 upgrades remotely without using methods like self service etc. I wanted a way that would let me do things in stages and get the installer apps in place to save network bandwidth etc. and at a leisurely pace. This is good in an education environment when you haven't much downtime. Using the startosinstall tool I came up with a method of pushing out a command via a script or ARD as you prefer to start the install from the preloaded in place Install macOS apps in the Users/Shared folder. You can use Composer and the Install macOSX Sierra and High to make an install package to install the macOS apps into the /Users/Shared folder. Or you can also use ARD and copy the apps direct 5f6c2da38edd4ed79dd596b392bb273a
to this location manually.
I found that the scripting to start the install is important for 10.12.4 onwards as the method changed slightly. Mojave needs another argument as to whether you want to use the AFPS or HFS or not,--converttoapfs YES/NO. These are the two scripts that work for me which you can run in JAMF or via ARD as root:


/Users/Shared/Install macOS --applicationpath /Users/Shared/Install macOS --nointeraction


/Users/Shared/Install macOS High --applicationpath /Users/Shared/Install macOS High --nointeraction