Intermittent Failure of automated in-place upgrade to 10.13.5

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I'm having problems getting my upgrade script to work reliably. It seems like it was more reliable with the 10.13.4 installer (but I was experiencing this problem then too).

When the computer fails to upgrade, the policy shows as "completed", but the OS is still the same. This is what I see in the log:

Launching startosinstall...
Checking for patches...
No patch policies were found.

What does this even mean?

Often, re-running the script through Jamf Remote or flushing the policy and letting it go on next checkin works, but I'm just wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to what might be going on?

The "startosinstall" command that I'm using right now is this:

"$OSInstaller/Contents/Resources/startosinstall" --applicationpath "$OSInstaller/" --rebootdelay 5 --nointeraction &

I have the ampersand at the end so that it can complete the script, without it the policy always registers as "failed" in the logs (even when it upgrades properly).


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Is this is a FileVault 2 enabled computer? #askingForAFriend


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Hi @donmontalvo , thanks for replying.

No, we don't have FileVault enabled on any of our school computers.

We have an Institutional key deployed to them, just in case, but we have a local "student" account available on them with no password and I don't think it's possible to allow such a user to pass through FV.

We enable FV2 on some of the laptops that are deployed 1 to 1, but we don't force upgrades on them.