Internet Sharing Device List

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OK, I have scoured Google for the past 3 days to no avail :( I'm slightly OCD and this is driving me nuts and I figured this would be a good place to start.
Mac OS, Internet Sharing under System can I clear that device list?!?!?!?
I constantly use internet sharing on iPads when the trusty USB hub & network adaptor trick doesn't work so, my list is very long and it's kind of annoying to scroll through the list to find the unchecked device that I just plugged in...and now that I tried clearing them, I would need to check each of them on again in order to hit the device I actually need turned on.
I'm guessing it's a plist located somewhere but I would prefer not to fumble around with those taking guesses.
If anyone can help me from growing more grey hairs, I would be forever grateful!2b10d14a43a94e35bbd552c8c7545019


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Check this thread:

I had success in the past with High Sierra, have not tested with Mojave.

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Thanks!!!! That did the trick...there is still an "iPod USB" that is echoing back Not a USB interface but 1 is better than 170.