internet shortcuts on devices

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Several of the "apps" my teachers are requesting are not really apps but websites they direct their students to on the iPads.

Does anyone know an easy way to create icons on the main screens that are for internet sites that they can use by default.

I know we could setup favorites possibly in the browser but they are wanting a one step solution vs, open the browser then go to favorite/bookmark x.

Thank you.


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Push a configuration profile that installs webclips of the sites your teachers want made available.

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Just create a mobile device configuration profile and configure the web clips payload with the url.
You can also add a specific icon for each "app".

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Thank you. I am new to the system and wasn't completely understanding the Web Clip feature. That is exactly what I was needing.

It would be nice to have a way to have it show up in Mobile Device Apps to help the administrator of the system find them in one place long run when users/teachers are requesting they be added to a group/class.

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I would like to ask for your help.


I've created the "app" in the profile, as you said. But when I try to apply to users - on the status it says "pending". What am I missing?

I just went through a 'pending' situation that started last week.  I started a support ticket, then followed directions provided (today) by Kenny Z. (  I had to update the Automated Device Enrollment Token for syncing devices between Jamf Pro and Apple Business Manager, update the Volume Purchasing Token and reset the Push certificate.  Kenny's directions were well written and correct.  Before I could go check the status in Jamf Pro, the iPads were receiving changes I had made last week.  Status had already changed to 'completed' on 47 of 54 devices.