Intune - Mac management


We are just thinking about which way to go for mac management. We have JAMF and also Intune.
We have a lot of EMS licenses for intune, so would be of course cheaper to use the licenses with intune we have.

But the primary thing is of course if intune can do the necessary. Have just been in contact with Microsoft, and they of course say the intune has not the same gui - but a lot can be managed by conditional access
And also intune can load in configuration profiles from mac, to use as policy.

My main focus for mac´s Is regarding

-Patch management of OS software and applications
-user restrictions on mac -endpoint protection

Does anyone has experience with intune and mac?


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We are being 'forced' to use it.

It's clunky, difficult to navigate, essentially, it's crap!

We are awaiting a change to our endpoint just to use the thing

Also, a bit strange for a company to offer an MDM solution and no one uses windows Phones anymore.

I've previously used AirWatch without issue.

Self flaggelation would be preferrable....

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I have experience with Intune with mac and Surface tablets. Please let me know what kind of help you need and i can help out. Been deploying and Supporting O365 since 2011, so i am a O365 Veteran!


We are using SCCM for our windows enviroment - so am looking for some options

So can intune do the following:

Send out update to force users to upgrade to OS version x.x
Send out packages regarding software updates - fx. new chrome version being pushed out or other software
Restrict user access on mac - so not all users have admin rights to limit them from installing software on their own or de-install software
Filevault - manage to force filevault to used, while also centrally keeping filevault keys stored, so not something users have to keep on their own




@johncavallino You have any input ?

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I would stay with JAMF for my mac environment. Itune is more for MDM, mobile device management. They do offer Deployment Profiles but i think they are more geared towards Windows 10. I would be using Jamf for file vault and everything mac related. I wouldn't trust Microsoft just yet with macs IMO.


Check out this Intune update session from Ignite the other week (MacOS stuff is about 35 min in).

They have essentially said some new MacOS features have been added, however Intune should be used for basic mac MDM and Jamf with EMS integration for advanced management.

I guess this just solidifies the partnership that introduced using Jamf Pro to manage conditional access to Intune.