Invalid Header error v5.11


For the life of me I cannot see what is the issue with my CSV. It is stating I have altered the Header of the csv which nothing has changed. I have even tested by downloaded the template, added one line of change manually, saved and tested yet still receive the same message. In their documentation it states to not change the size, move columns around and I haven't done any of that. Anyone else run into this issue with the newer version. Side note, I've attempted to work on the CSV with MS Excel 2020 and Google Docs and received the same error.



Hey @Andrew.McCaskill I apologize for a late response here--but are you still seeing this issue? Especially on the new version of MUT?

In the future if you're running into a MUT issue that you're not able to resolve, you can always post it to the Issues section on github and I'll see if I can help you out there.