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We have been using pre-stages to put our purchases each year to certain groups based upon purchasing(PO Or Lease) and when we would replace them. Doing this has caused some issues. when we re-enroll a computer using user-initiated, sometimes we have to do this if the device stops communicating with the JSS or Self Service isn't working, instead of erasing the whole device, it changes the last enrollment and also loses the data in the "purchasing page". We use the "lease expires" field on that page to create a smart group so we know what computers need to be replaced that year. So, in short, using Pre-stage>Purchased paged/fields is unreliable. How is everyone handling using JAMF for this? We replace on a cycle every so many years, that's why we just set the lease expiration to the year we need it to be replaced. Thanks Derek


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We generally avoid putting static data like that into Jamf. We use script based EAs and a few pop-up menus that are completed during enrollment / deployment, but nothing else.

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I create a static EA for each lease and update it with the MUT based on the serial numbers in the lease, for the very reason you describe.