Inventory Column Width

Honored Contributor II
Honored Contributor II

Hi all,

Silly cosmetic issue but I wondered if there was a simple solution I was missing.

When you first setup a JSS, the inventory view only shows one column (computer name). You can go to computer management settings > Inventory display and add more columns to the default view (I find OS version, model and last check-in time useful).

When I switch back to the inventory view, the first column is taking up 90% of the width of the browser window, while the new columns are squashed at the end.

Resizing the columns seems worse than trying to wrangle a table in MS Word. If you eventually get it how you want, close the browser, re-open and they've moved.

This has been something I've seen for a while, its cosmetic and pretty minor but it does bug me. I'd love to hear if anyone has any "fixes" or if it is just something we have to live with.

(btw I use Safari on 10.10.x most of the time)