Inventory Pre-load API


Has anyone had any success with the Inventory Pre-load API? I can get data into it, and it appears correctly, both in the GUI and when reading it back from the API.

When I perform an enrolment though the data isn't picked up.

Uploading identical data via a CSV in the GUI works as expected, and the device picks it up during enrolment.

I am using Ansible to post a JSON payload with the mandatory inventory filled.

Would love to know if anyone is using this API successfully.


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Hello @loceee

A couple of questions for you.

Are you using the API to post individual records using JSON? If yes, have you also tried posting the CSV file to the endpoint


after first validating it with


What specific fields are not being updated when you post the JSON, is it any of the user-related fields? Checking with some folks on the team, they mentioned the user fields are updated when a CSV file is uploaded vs. individual records being POSTed to the API.