Inventory Preload: device type is missing or invalid

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We're attempting to use the Inventory preload on 800+ iPads we recently got in. When I try to upload the csv file I get the following error:

device type is missing or invalid

This comes up for each line we uploaded.

I only filled out the serial, username, and asset tag. Any idea what's supposed to go into that column? I've tried iPad, (model of iPad), mobile, managed, leaving it blank, deleting the column, and nothing seems to help the error.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @rleatherwood!
Did you ever get a solution here?
I am just starting to work on this and do not see any fields that match Device Type

hehe RTFM Note: Only two values are valid: "Computer" or "Mobile Device"

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I haven't actually touched it since I made the post about it, but funny enough I was in the middle of a meeting about the inventory of our devices and the best way going forward and this topic came up, so I'll probably be revisiting it in the near future.

But thanks for that reply, This will definitely help out when I get back to it!