iOS 11 and home screen layout

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Is anyone else having this problem? I set up my iPads with a home screen layout, and all members of a group get the same layout. In the past (iOS 9 and 10), when I would add new iPads to that group, the layout would get pushed first, and as apps installed, they would go straight into the folders where they belong. Now that new iPads are coming with iOS 11 preinstalled, when I add these to the group, the layout pushes (some folders appear), but the apps do not go into the folders as they install. They are all over the home screen, "loose." I then have to go to the layout profile, remove these devices from the scope, and re-add them. Anyone know what's going on with this?


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It sounds like you might be running into an issue that we're aware of and have opened an Apple RADAR ticket for.

We see this with iOS 11 devices that either have a home screen layout with folders or a dock layout, and what you describe is the behavior seen.

The workaround is either what you're doing or you can switch your workflow up a little and scope the Home Screen Layout profile after apps are installed to the device(s).

The RADAR # is 35946806.

We also have an internal Product Issue number of PI-005059, if you would like to contact support and have a case attached there but, please be aware that this is an Apple issue that we are unable to fix on our end and will have to wait for Apple to address the issue in the filed RADAR.

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This happens a lot to me as well. I find that power cycling the device applies the home screen layout profile properly.

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Still happening. This is extremely frustrating... having to wait until an app goes out to all the devices then unscoping/rescoping to get the app to appear in the correct folder.