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iOS 9.2.1 has dropped. I can confirm that mass pushing out 9.2.1 (over the air) does work for devices on 9.2. I pushed it to a cart of 40 ipads. 38 of them were on 9.2, it successfully updated to 9.2.1 but 2 devices were running 9.1 and they did not update. Just a heads up for others :)


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Is it supposed to work on devices with 9.0 or 9.1 ?

In the video they show a group of 9.1 devices.

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I pushed the update to 2 devices running 9.1 (I told it to download, install and reboot the devices). While it did not install or reboot, it did download on the two iPads. When I went into settings -> general -> software update, it said there was an update that was already downloaded and needed to be installed. It was update 9.2. I'm currently pushing the OTA of 9.2.1 to it.

I haven't tried yet with 9.0 (I have a few devices running 9.0.1).


I tested the OTA update from 9.1 to 9.2.1 on a few of my devices and it did succeed. I did have to send the command twice with a soft reset in between but it went through after a few minutes. I wonder if it had something to do with 9.2 showing as my most recent available update until the reset.


@Tolandese What do you mean by a soft reset?


I guess just a reset in general. I turned off/on one iPad and did a home/lock button combo for the other and received same results. It might have no bearing on anything but it did move the standing iOS update from 9.2 to 9.2.1 when they both came back up.

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The commands are leveraging iOS 9 features.. so I wonder if it is asking Apple for the latest update, if and only if there is no cached update already on the iPad. If it has a cached update then it installs that. I surmise this because I had a test iPad with iOS 9.2.1 beta downloaded and that is what it tried to install (I cancelled the update). Once I deleted the cached updater it then went and installed the 9.3 beta.

So we may need to send out two update requests.

I'm seeing that the OSUpdateStatus command is not updating the iOS version in Casper. Just in case this is the way it was designed, I've created this FR if anyone feels like up-voting it, Have OSUpdateStatus of 'Update iOS Version' command also update iOS version in DB.

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Hello Everyone,

So i pulled a cart of 15 devices aside and there are 8 with 9.2 and 7 were 9.1 i took two devices out side by side and normally like to see the difference.

1 device with 9.2 was pushed from jamf - Locked screen to Never - still download and installed and reboot
1 device with 9.1 was pushed from jamf - Locked screen to 2 minutes - still download and installed and reboot

while others in the cart were still pushed as not being touched worked well, so someone mention earlier that they went to General > Software Update and the device did a self check to download and install application.

So i did not want to check the software up just let it be and then i was prompted their is an available updated and provides 5 seconds to cancel or manually start the install.

It took about 6 minutes to download iOS and self install and reboot of the device, so there is no need of interaction with staff members or students.

Would like to have a feature / option when the new version of 9.3 is released to prevent any updates related to iOS update than rather having us block the url for checking for updates on our firewall. This would be great but so far it has worked successfully with one cart - can we get this to update all iOS Devices at one i have about 600 of them and rather not do one cart at the time.

On ward to more carts -


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@iOSGenius You are going to want to speak to Apple on that.....and I think most people here can guess what they will say to that. Fact of the matter is, Apple works on their own schedule. You either update or you fall behind. If vendors aren't testing against new iOS releases and updating apps, then they'll tell you to look at other software vendors. Plus I imagine their numbers for iOS devices running version X versus older versions would plummet as well which wouldn't be good from a developer point of view as its one of the strongest points about developing for iOS (most people are running the latest iOS release; 75% are already on iOS 9 Whether you agree with this stance or not, is a different topic of discussion altogether, but it is what it is. Nothing that JAMF (or any MDM vendor) will ever be able to implement unless Apple makes that feature available.