iOS and DNS Failover

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Hi All,

Has anybody had an issue where they are provided with two DNS Servers as part of their DHCP assignment.

All web and connection activity does not work until the primary DNS is removed and the secondary DNS is set as the primary (manually added in as primary).

The primary DNS Server is a Windows 2012 R2 Server and the secondary is a Linux CentOS box.

The primary does not failover to the secondary, which points me towards the primary server is responding to requests.

Does anybody with some Windows Server 2012 R2 Knowledge have some insight into iOS / Windows Server 2012 R2 fixes.

Thanks in Advance Simon



If I read the question correctly it looks like the two DNS servers are out of sync (hold different data). All operating systems I know of will only query one DNS server, if the data is not on that one it will not query the other. Some OS's wont even failover until a reboot if the primary DNS is off line and many wont fall back to the primary if it comes back on line.

So to answer your question as I read it, if your DNS is responding to queries, whatever OS your using will continue to use it. It being a windows server is irrelevant in this case. If the DNS holds bad or missing data it should be fixed or decommissioned.