iOS Apps Disappearing

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We've seen some weird things with some of our iPads removing applications for no apparent reason. The app is scoped to "all devices" but limited to a user group (from AD). The app will get removed, but then it will show up as "pending" install for the same device.

Has anyone run into this? Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?


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I have not encountered this, but am curious - what kind of deployment options are you using? (Are the users downloading it from Self Service? Managed/Unmanaged?)

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I have seen something similar to what you are experiencing. Do you have two copies of the iOS Application in your mobile device app catalog? I don't know if this will help you but i will try to explain it =)

A costumer of mine had this strange setup where he had several "versions" of the application Keynote and they had different scopes.

With Keynote application number 1 had this problem in one scope the iOS device was present and it got installed.
With Keynote application number 2 the iOS device was not in the scope hence Casper Suite removed it almost immediately after it was installed.

So Keynote app number 2 showed that the iOS device was out of scope hence it got removed from the device and Keynote 1 is then pending for being installed. Its a nasty loop. Solution is to remove all copies of the application but one.

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I've been having this problem also. Apps both managed and unmanaged and purchased through the vpp with a managed distribution disappear. The challenge we have with this is that all of the work completed on the app disappears also. Any ideas to prevent this?

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This happend to me when I removed a managed app, and the option Remove app when MDM profile is removed. I think I was on 9.21 at the time.

I had removed the App from our self-service list, I think in order to re add the newer version, so that it would continue to install.

(this is one of the reasons why we need to have automatic updating of app versions listed within the self-service store).

Frustratingly for me this happened to one of our key apps, and on our junior year's ipads. having them reinstall the app, was not easily achieved.

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I am in AD UAE , some apps disappeared from my ipad ,and I cant get them back please help