IOS enrollment customization clearing department field

New Contributor

I'm setting up Jamf for the first time and testing PreStage enrollments for IOS devices. In the PSE I'm testing with I'm setting the department field under "user and location" to "IT" and I then have a smart group setup so if device is member of "IT" department it will be placed into the smart group. I have this all working fine and I'm assigning policies to devices based on smart group membership.
Then earlier today I created an Enrollment Customization (basic text popup during activation) and assigned that to my PSE. That seemed to work fine, my test device received the text EC pane during activation. however, the device is not joining the smart group so not receiving policies. When I check the device I see the "IT" department has not been applied. If I edit the PSE and remove the Enrollment Customization and retry the activation it works smoothly again and device is a member of IT department. Strange glitch. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?