Mac OS network issue 210915

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Normally the devices can connect to the company wi-fi after installing the network certificate

Currently i'm facing a network issue on Mac computers.

After installing the network certificate , the Mac computers can connect to company Wi-Fi and join domain, but can't login with domain account.

The network will be disconnected if i log out , but it'll be connected if i login again .

Mac after log out 01.jpg

Mac before log out 01.jpg

The network works fine on Windows computers.

Windows after log out 01.jpg

May i ask is there a way to keep the network connected in Mac OS login window ?

Thanks in advance


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Has this worked previously and stopped working?

How are you managing the network connection configuration settings for the device to connect? 

This is normally handled by a Configuration profile deployed from Jamf.

The settings in this config profile will determine how the device connects to the WiFi network and what method is used to authenticate.

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Actually we haven't deployed jamf yet.
The MacBooks haven't joined domain previously , we are going to do some test under domain evironment first. Currently the MacBook can join domain , but after i log out the local account , the network will be disconnected under login window,so i can't login with a domain account.
May i ask is there a way to fix it without Jamf ?

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Take a look at the following application to begin with:

Network config profiles can be configured and exported fairly easily via this application.

You can then test by manually installing the profile on the local mac device once you have configured your required settings in the app.   There is a few settings in the app that will help you configure the settings correctly to ensure the mac stays connected at the login screen.


You would then need a method of deployment if you wish to deploy to a group of macs however.


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I've installed the profile .
I'm going to authenticate the wi-fi at login screen , but i can't find the correct SSID in the pull-down menu..