iOS Force App Update

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Hello All,

I have a question about iOS Force Update and how other schools are handling this.

On Tuesday, September 15th iOS14 was being released. Around 11:50am CST, several of our iOS apps started updating in the middle of the day. This usually is not a big deal. However, one of the apps is the content filtering app. When the content filtering app updated the students could not access the internet. Once complete, everything was fine.

The teacher/student experience team wants us to schedule the updates. They also want us to prioritize the content filter app. I know neither of these are possible.

1.) Our JAMF server is set to check daily during lunch.
2.) We do have force update turned on.

I know we could force the updates manually but is that really a great option? IMO, no. I believe this was a one-off because app developers were updating their apps before iOS14.

You all’s thoughts/ideas?
How are other schools handling this?

Thank you all in advance.